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To inspire, innovate and accelerate sustainable social
interventions that promote human wellbeing.



  • All people live in peace, justice and security without fear or violence.
  • Material poverty is eliminated throughout the world.
  • Equality, freedom and human dignity are achieved for 100% of humanity.
  • All people achieve physical and mental health.


The Halloran Philanthropies purpose is to support great innovators and enable their success.

We believe that by unleashing the power of technology and innovation through sustainable social enterprise, large numbers of people can be freed from material poverty. To this end, we aim to inspire leaders in the social innovation and entrepreneurship movement, create pathways for those who seek to join it, and provide support through funding and mentoring that can translate great ideas into reality.

Our primary work is with partners in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Uganda, Mali, India and the United States. We support outstanding people who advance wellbeing and reduce poverty through job creation, financial inclusion, clean energy and water, agriculture, education, housing and healthcare. We believe that business is a major catalytic force driving positive social change toward the emergence of the "world we all want".



We provide an infrastructure of support by sharing know-how with our partners.

We co-create strong and growing ecosystems of prosperity, by supporting the organizations that enable social entrepreneurs to succeed. We take chances and risks on people by investing in people with innovative ideas and projects.

We invest in youth who are seeking careers with social impact that fulfill their sense of purpose and meaning to create a better world. When social innovators and entrepreneurs are given permission and support to do what they are passionate to do, the results can be awesome, surpassing all expectations.



Harry Halloran founder

Chief Executive Officer of American Refining Group and ARB. Harry is also the Founder and CEO of Energy Unlimited and Frontier Wind. He founded Halloran Philanthropies in 2007 with the belief that business is a driving force for positive social and economic change. Harry lives in Philadelphia with his wife Kay.


Tony Carr president

Joined Halloran Philanthropies as a founding member in 2007 after a career in hospital administration in Fresno, California. He served as the CEO of the first surgical hospital in the Nation and CEO of the first community owned heart hospital in California. Tony is a native of Philadelphia and resides in Fresno with his wife Lylia.


Mark Beam

Joined Halloran Philanthropies in 2008. Mark is a Founder of the Social Capital Markets Conference and a Founder of Hub Oaxaca and serves on the Board of Buckminster Fuller Institute. Mark’s primary focus is social entrepreneurship, impact investing and ecosystem innovation. Mark is a native of Omaha and lives in Oaxaca, Mexico with his wife Cath.


Audrey Selian

Joined Halloran Philanthropies part-time in 2011. Audrey’s career has focused on impact investing with particular interest in small sustainable businesses in emerging markets in India. Audrey grew up in New York and Switzerland and lives with her husband Mardit in Geneva, Switzerland.


Maria Cavalcanti

Joined Halloran Philanthropies part-time in 2013 to work in Latin America with specific focus on Brazil. Maria is also a Managing Partner at FIRST Brazil, the largest impact investing fund in Brazil. Maria is from Northeast Brazil and lives with her husband Ed in New York City.


Howard Cohen

Joined Halloran Philanthropies part-time in 2007. Howard’s career is in business and academia. Most recently he has had assignments at Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania. He lives with his wife Barbara in Philadelphia.


Dermot Murphy

Joined Halloran Philanthropies in 2013 with a background in healthcare administration. He earned an MBA from Saint Joseph’s University. His primary focus is community development and innovation within the Philadelphia area. He lives with his wife Marcy in Philadelphia.


Kathy Horos

Joined Halloran Philanthropies part-time in 2014 with a background in education and real estate. Kathy earned a degree in education from Chestnut Hill College. Her primary focus is educational enrichment and community innovation within the Chicago area. Kathy is a native of Philadelphia and resides in Chicago with her husband Peter.


Penelope Douglas

Joined Halloran Philanthropies part-time in 2014 to focus on education and leadership development for social entrepreneurs. Penelope is the founding CEO of Pacific Community Ventures in California and recently has served as the Board Chair of Mission Hub which operates Social Capital Markets and Hub Cities. She lives in Sausalito with her husband Jim.


Model for Impact

The World We All Want is a world in which financial, social and environmental responsibility are combined for long-term positive impact and carried on for generations to come.

With business expertise, experience and great connections around the world, we provide an ecosystem of support to our partners. We attempt to be innovative by sharing know-how and providing business tools and educational programs, all of which center around empowering individuals who can make a difference. We are committed to thinking long-term, as we invest in people in order to help them realize and optimize the impact they seek to make in the world.

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Through investments we empower individuals who can make a difference.

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